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Products: Soybean oil fatty acid glycerol formal esters

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Soybean oil fatty acid glycerol  formal esters

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SKU: SLK-0136-250ML
  • Biodegradable

    Readily biodegradable (EPI Suite estimation).

  • Low VOC

    Low vapor pressure-VOC solvent (CARB-EPA).

  • Renewable Origin

    Up to 96 wt.% biobased product.

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Product Description:

Item Name:

Soybean oil fatty acid glycerol formal esters

CAS Number:



1,3-dioxan-5-yl soyate/(1,3-dioxolan-4-yl)methyl soyate; Fatty acid glycerol formal esters mixture of isomers, derived from soybean oil.

Molecular formula:


Molecular weight, g/mol:


Relative density @ 25 ºC, g/cm³:


Purity, wt.%:

Min. 97


Yellow to brown liquid.

Freezing point, ºC:

Lower than -10

Flash point, ºC:

Min. 100


Non-flammable liquid.

Boiling point, ºC:

Higher than 500 (Computational estimation)

Vapor pressure @ 20 ºC, kPa:

2 x 10-008 (Estimation as linoleic acid ester, EPI Suite)

Dynamic viscosity @ 25 ºC, cP :

Max. 22

Partition coefficient, log Pow:

7.08 (Estimation as linoleic acid ester, EPI Suite)

Water miscibility @ 20 ºC, g/L:


Dispersion parameter @ 20 ºC,(cal/cm³)^½:

7.7 (Estimation as linoleic acid ester)

Hydrogen-bonding parameter @20 ºC, (cal/cm³)^½:

2.8 (Estimation as linoleic acid ester)

Polar parameter @ 20 ºC,(cal/cm³)^½:

1.8 (Estimation as linoleic acid ester)

Hildebrand parameter @ 20 ºC,(cal/cm³)^½:

8.7 (Estimation as linoleic acid ester)

Solubility (other):

Miscible with hydrocarbons, ethers and acetone.

Explosive properties:

Not classified.

GHS Classification information:

Causes mild skin irritation (Category 3), H316. Causes eye irritation (Category 2B), H320.

Acute health hazards:


Chronic health hazards:


Environmental hazards:


Physical and chemical hazards:


Renewable origin information:

Up to 96 wt.% biobased product.

VOC properties information:

Low vapor pressure-VOC solvent (CARB-EPA).

Environmental properties information:

Readily biodegradable (EPI Suite estimation).

Additional Description:

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